Chelsea Log Drive

Each spring, after wood had been cut and piled along streams and riverbanks, the log drivers would eagerly await the thaw. They would push the logs into the water and follow them with pointer boats, helping the log booms make their way down the Gatineau River toward the sawmills.

The video above was produced and created by Gatineau Valley youth as a way to explain the Chelsea Log Drive, and highlight local history, culture and geography . Three lessons have been designed to accompany this video, and can be downloaded below or under the listed resources to the side:

Lesson #1 Our River

Students will activate their prior knowledge about the log drive on the Gatineau River. They will watch a video created by local youth and through direct instruction and inquisition, they will learn about the integral role that the logging industry played in the development of the Gatineau Valley. 

Lesson #2 Photo Detectives 

Students will study an historical image to locate clues and ascertain information about the past. They will demonstrate their understanding of the scene and use the information they have learned as well as their imaginations to create thought bubbles for the subjects of the photo. 

Lesson #3 Interview With A Lumberjack

Students will use answers provided to formulate questions for a lumvberjack in the Gatineau Hills around 1900. They will use these questions and answers to create an interview that they will present to the class.