History of the Wakefield Covered Bridge

On the night of July 10, 1984, the Wakefield covered bridge was burned by arsonists. A wider, two-way bridge was completed just north of the site of the old Gendron Bridge to reconnect the community, but the old wooden bridge was missed by many local people. With government grants, volunteers and sheer determination, a new Wakefield Covered Bridge for pedestrian traffic was built in 1997.

The video above was produced and created by Gatineau Valley youth as a way to explain the Wakefield Covered Bridge, and highlight local history, culture and geography . Lessons have been designed to accompany this video, and can be downloaded below or under the resources to the side:

Lesson #1 Introduction 

In this introduction lesson, students will activate their prior knowledge and access their curiosity by creating a KWL chart about the Wakefield Covered Bridge. Students will watch the video "Wakefield Covered Bridge". 

Lesson #2 Making Headlines

Students will use the PWIM to generate a list of nouns and adjectives that describe a photograph of the Wakefield Bridge burning down. They will use these words to create a newspaper headline and then work as a group to choose the best headline. 

Lesson #3 Interview with an Expert 

Students will use answers provided to formulate questions. They will use these questions and answers to create an interview that they will present to the class.